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1. Do you charge additional for quarterly meetings?
No. Our annual management fee gives you access to us full time including all the quarterly meetings, any other meetings you may request or phone calls.

2. Why is Cote Financial Fee Only? Why is that important?
Cote Financial is a fee only financial planning and wealth management firm - we do not sell any products that earn commission for us. We do not work for a bank, brokerage house, or an insurance company. Therefore, we are not beholden to any financial institution and our sole aim is to look after the interests of our clients. At Cote Financial our compensation is solely derived from either an hourly or flat fee charged for developing a financial plan or an investment management fee that is based on percentage of assets managed. All fees are fully and completely disclosed upfront and there are no hidden fees or loads.

3. Can I keep my assets where they are and make the changes myself?
Yes, but we strongly urge against it, as it can be very impractical or inefficient. Cote Financial Management will handle all documentation, transfers and transactions related to your new account. An account will be established, in your name, at Charles Schwab or Fidelity Institutional to hold all your newly transferred assets. This arrangement allows us access to individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. while keeping transaction costs low and allowing us ease of trading as well as research using the latest technology tools. Online access makes it possible for you to have up-to-date information and direct access to your accounts.

4. How often will you review my account?
Your portfolio is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. If conditions warrant, Cote Financial Management will make changes to your portfolio, which in our opinion will help you achieve your objectives.

5. Why do you review investment accounts so often?
We watch for market conditions and trends, economic changes and other factors that may ultimately affect the overall performance of your whole portfolio as well as your individual mutual funds and stocks.

6. How often will I be updated on my portfolio?
Every month you will receive statements from our custodian itemizing your investment positions and transactions for the month. Every quarter, Cote Financial Management will prepare a customized report, which give the client in detail an overall portfolio performance, holdings, and allocation report. A quarterly meeting with your advisor is encouraged to discuss and review your plan, and to update any changes in your particular financial situation or concerns you may have.

7. Will you consult me when making changes?
Our practice is to create custom portfolios based on the client’s needs and objectives in terms of investment philosophy, performance, risk profile and value. CFM uses extensive and in-depth research to evaluate each security, which in our opinion provides value and superior performance, and then are selected based on extensive discussions (with the client) and evaluations. Although we are unable to guarantee success or predict future performance of portfolios or investments, each portfolio is custom designed to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals

8. Do I have to stay with your services for any length of time?
Our aim is to build long, enduring relationships with our clients and their families. If, however, there is ever a need to terminate the affiliation, the Agreement may be terminated by either party in writing, five business days from the inception date. Once the agreement has been in force for a minimum of one quarter, either party can terminate it by giving a notice of thirty days. Termination of this agreement must be in writing.

9. Who will I actually be working with?
Your primary contact for most portfolio related matters would actually be your financial advisor. On a day-to-day basis, however, any of our team members may be working with you on different issues related to your account. As a new client, you would be given a list of who’s who and who to contact for different issues.

10. What information will I need to provide?
As a new client, you will be given a questionnaire to fill out which will provide us with most of the information we need about you and your financial situation. Our clients typically will need to provide us with copies of their current investment statements or reports.

11. Is there a cost for the first meeting?
No, the first meeting is without charge.

12. What is your average size account?
Our average size account is about $500,000.

13. Describe the typical client of Cote Financial.
The average household income is about $300K and/or their investment assets are about $1,000,000.

14. What is your minimum account size?
Currently it is $500,000

15. What is involved in your financial planning process?
Before managing your portfolio we like to create a detailed financial plan. This addresses your short and long-term goals, your risk tolerance, your retirement income objectives as well as tax, insurance reviews and estate planning. In many cases we coordinate this plan with your other advisors such as your CPA or your estate-planning attorney etc. or consult advisors from our own network. The goal is to create a customized, workable and well thought out financial solution for your short term needs, long term needs, and details on how we plan to get there.

16. A lot of Advisors sound similar. What makes CFM different?
At Cote Financial our primary focus is our clients. We tailor everything around your goals, your objectives, and your journey. Our aim at CFM is to make your client experience with personal financial management, a rewarding one. Not only through performance, but through personal service, knowledge, integrity, trust and the satisfaction of achieving your goals. That’s what makes us different.

17. Can I receive my portfolio reports electronically?
Yes. Cote Financial is one of the few privately owned investment management firms currently offering its clients on-line access to their investment reports. As a Cote Financial client, at your request, you would be assigned an ID code which would gives you access to your PFM reports on-line through our website.

18. What other on-line resources do I have available?
Our Web site helps us serve you better by providing:
• Another way to work with us-supplement meetings and phone calls with online access, so you can collaborate, conduct business and stay in 
  contact wherever you have a Web connection.

• Convenient online access-get 24/7 access to account information, including holdings, unrealized gains and performance, as well as timely

• Complete financial picture-view all your accounts in one place, including any that may reside outside our firm.
• Research and market insight-get expert perspectives on your investments from leading third-party providers, including:
        -High-level market overviews and news
        -Detailed data such as fundamentals, quotes, earnings and charting
        -In-depth research reports

• Timely updates-receive alerts about market movement or events that may affect your portfolio.

• Account security-store and access electronic versions of important material, such as account information, performance reports, wills and trusts
   in confidence; industry-standard protections mean private information will stay that way.

19. How much do you charge for your services?
Typically portfolio management fees are about 1% per year. These fees are charged quarterly. The only other fees we charge may be in the beginning for developing a financial plan, which is a one-time flat fee. For full details please request our agreement and Part B of ADV disclosure before considering our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stephen M. Cote, CFP

President & Founder


Mr. Cote founded Cote Financial Management in 2010 after gaining valuable experience as a Vice President of Wealth Management for UBS Financial Services and Citigroup SmithBarney.  After graduating from Merrimack College in 1993 with a BSBA and a concentration in Finance, Steve also became a Certified Financial Planner from the College of Financial Planning.

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“Steve has been my financial advisor since 2001. He is exceptional at what he does. Steve has many years experience and I would highly recommend his services. I don’t know of any other advisors who are so proactive with their clients.”

Susan F.


"Steve and I worked together in many initiatives while he was a Director of Distribution and he had a staff of over 30 people. He was a very effective member of the company and because of him and his group the company always satisfied the needs of our demanding customers. He has a great sense in people and technologies and he is always able to adapt to any situation. His financial background helped him manage his budget and design accurate forecasting. He is now a successful certified financial planner and I have "put my money where my mouth is", literally, as he is a person of high integrity with an abundant market knowledge."

George P.

Integrity | Knowledge | Trust


Mr Cote's financial knowledge and experience are the backbone to Cote Financial Management.  Steve has extensive experience in investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.  Prior to working in the Investment Industry, Steve worked as an executive with Liz Claiborne for their Sigrid Olsen division.